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When the Adults Change

The qualities of our coaches:

Acutely Observant

Walking the corridors of a school, there is so much that is obvious; the exceptional work on the walls, the way the pupils move around, pictures and certificates that sit behind sticky back plastic displays and those children that either positively or negatively capture our attention as we pass. 

Our coaches see past that which is immediately noticeable to explore deeper patterns. Being deeply experienced and extraordinarily observant they can give you the insight you need to create transformational change. This is not just another set of eyes on your practice; it is an expert eye from the UKs best practitioners.

Intuitively Insightful 

Whilst great observation gives us the detail we need, being intuitively insightful allows us to connect the dots in the most efficient and effective fashion. Intuitive insightfulness comes, not just from being a teacher and leader but from years of experience in shifting policy to irresistible practice. Our coaches understand the nuances of school policy. They shift mindsets but also do the systems thinking that sustain change.

Relentlessly relatable 

Moving people forward requires our coaches to be relentlessly relatable, to build meaningful relationships and excellent rapport with everyone we work with. It means we will tackle the sticky bits and persist with people. It means we understand the importance of bringing people with you as change bites and the danger of leaving some behind.

Investing in Training without investing in personal change means nothing really changes.


Respecting Boundaries and challenging bad habits


It can be really difficult to create change without causing disruption. It can be really simple to show where you need to be but much harder to share the specific steps you need to take to get there. It can be easy to engage those eager to change. We engage everyone regardless of their starting points. Our coaches drip feed effective practice and walk along the very fine line that drives change without disrupting good order. 



“A focus on adult behaviour is the only responsible approach. Emotionally mature adults are flexible enough to change, to be present in the toughest moments and to judge slowly. They are patient, encouraging and kind. Through the fog of anger they keep everyone safe. In the calm light of day they build rapport and emotional currency. Their expectations are always high and they will never drop their own standards because of the poor behaviour of a learner. The adults who work with the most difficult behaviours are always in control of themselves before they attempt to take control of others. Build a school that is full of them and there are no limits to achievement”

From When The Adults Change, Everything Changes by Paul Dix

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I genuinely think I have had my first week in 16 years of teaching without raising my voice once. Glad to see there is another way.

Jamie Kelleher

Paul Dix was an enthusiastic passionate theorist with a whirlwind of relevant knowledgeable tips and actions.

Carl Mallett

The training was highly motivational, whilst underpinned with very robust theory, practice and evidence

Daniel Connor, Headteacher, Challney High School for Boys

Far from being just another book on behaviour, this is a blueprint for how behaviour should be in schools.

Russell J Ingleby, Head Teacher, HighTown Junior Infant and Nursery School

I would recommend Paul Dix in particular as he was knowledgeable and approachable, you really got the sense that he had been in the situation he was advising on.

Nicola Jackson, Wildridings Primary School


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ideas and offers from Paul and the team.