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Behaviour specialist, author, education reformer and advisor. Helping teachers and headteachers with transformational relational behaviour practice.

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As a difficult child, relentless teacher and award-winning behaviour trainer my voice has echoed through many classrooms! I am a leading expert in behaviour management and behaviour change.

I fell in love with teaching while working as a Teaching Assistant after leaving school. Teaching both inspired and drew me in due to the creativity, the variety and the cohort after cohort of utterly brilliant children I encountered.

I have been working with the most difficult behaviours in the most challenging urban schools and colleges for the last 25 years. I founded Pivotal Education and was a founding member of The TBAP Trust transforming behaviour, teaching and learning in schools and colleges in the UK and internationally.

I work with senior teams to shape outstanding practice through intelligent policy. I have delivered training and spoken on large stages all over the world, including Bermuda, Pakistan, USA, Netherlands, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Ireland and Egypt, as well as working throughout all four home countries.

I have advised the Department for Education on Teacher Standards, given evidence to the Education Select Committee and carried out extensive work with the Ministry of Justice on Behaviour and Restraint in Youth Custody.

My passion for driving change has led me to be a leading campaigner for the #BanTheBooths campaign (www.banthebooths.co.uk), a member of the IntegratEd Reference Group and the Ethical Leadership Group.

Arrange an initial consult to help make the change

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Paul and his team are uniquely placed to help you translate the books into policy and practice. Let them walk you through the process, steer you around the knotty bits and introduce you to a network of schools that have already trodden the same path. Paul works with schools and colleges across the world. His approach is, unsurprisingly to build long term relationships with clients, drip feeding change over time. 

To arrange an initial conversation with a virtual hot chocolate you can email Hello@WhenTheAdultsChange.com 


I genuinely think I have had my first week in 16 years of teaching without raising my voice once. Glad to see there is another way.

Jamie Kelleher

Paul Dix was an enthusiastic passionate theorist with a whirlwind of relevant knowledgeable tips and actions.

Carl Mallett

The training was highly motivational, whilst underpinned with very robust theory, practice and evidence

Daniel Connor, Headteacher, Challney High School for Boys

Far from being just another book on behaviour, this is a blueprint for how behaviour should be in schools.

Russell J Ingleby, Head Teacher, HighTown Junior Infant and Nursery School

I would recommend Paul Dix in particular as he was knowledgeable and approachable, you really got the sense that he had been in the situation he was advising on.

Nicola Jackson, Wildridings Primary School

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When the Adults Change keen teachers
When the Adults Change keen teachers
When the Adults Change keen teachers


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