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Behaviour Change Course

Where can I access my course?

We will need the email addresses of all delegates prior to the course start date and an email will be sent with login details to each delegate at least 24 hours before the course goes live.

All your purchased courses are available here: https://pauldix.podia.com/products/home

Can I check my staff's progress on the course?

Yes of course, at any point you can email Clare who will be able to give you an update on progress.

Who can use the course?

The course helps support anyone that teaches children and young people. It is useful for classroom teachers, support staff, lunch time supervisors, leadership teams and office staff. Everyone that contributes to the culture of your school should have access to the material. 

What is the content?

The course helps develop practical skills for positive classroom behaviour management. It will guide you through ‘what to say’, ‘what to do’ and ‘how to be’. In each of the main sections you will find the following subjects covered.

What to say

  • How your language affects behaviour
  • How to avoid deficit language
  • How to structure a 2 minute pep talk that works for everyone
  • What to say in the trickiest moments
  • How to avoid shaming
  • What to say when children argue or try to negotiate your expectations
  • What to say when you call home

What to do

  • How to balance The Pull and The Push of classroom management 
  • How to create a classroom plan so you know exactly what the next steps are
  • How to apply a consequence without an angry reaction
  • How to structure support beyond the classroom
  • Why you must follow up every time and why that is a powerful strategy
  • How to use coaching to support children who struggle to follow the rules

How to be

  • What teachers need to stay rational and focused on outcomes
  • How to reach zen levels of calm and protect everyone
  • How to be emotionally restrained in the face of poor behaviour
  • Why building relationships needs more than just great teaching
  • What you should realistically expect of your own behaviour in a busy and sometimes overwhelming job
How many licenses do I need?

It is best practice to buy a licence for every member of staff and to arrange regular study sessions in which small groups can discuss the content they have studied since the last meeting.

In some schools, we know that this isn’t always possible, in which case we would recommend appointing some behaviour champions or using SLT to study the course and disseminate the learning. 

How does the course differ from INSET?

The online course is designed for bitesize consumption. It encourages slow and steady practical skill development. It is intentionally a pace of learning that can sit within the flow of teaching and fuel incremental positive change. 

Where does the course sit in the process of change?

The course is useful at all stages of the change process. It can be used to successfully refresh relational practice. It can also be a useful way of making good practice more deliberate. For schools that are new to relational practice it can be used to successfully manage the first 90 days of change. It is always useful for SLT to look through the course before it is launched to whole school staff so that they can plan how to lead, support and embed the learning.

Have you got any testimonials?

Yes! You can see testimonials on our social channels @TheAdultsChange

How do I use the course with my school?

We recommend working in small groups as it is useful for accountability. It is still useful to buy a license for every member of staff to ensure they can revisit sections and develop skills independently. It is useful for groups to meet for 10-15 minutes a week to talk about the section they have studied and how they have put that into practice. 

How hard is it to lead whole school course study?

There are lots of supporting materials that will help you lead whole school course study. We also have a ‘supporting behaviour change course’ which will be useful for anyone leading behaviour change.

How long does it take?

There are 7 hours of self study and 4 hours of recorded workshops that can be worked through or revisited at the users own pace or as directed by the school.

Do I get a certificate?

As you are working your way through the course you will need to tick completion of each study section. If you do this, you will be able to download a certificate at the end of the course.  

How do the live sessions work?

You will find 4 recorded workshops within the online course. In addition to that Paul also hosts ‘Behaviour conversations’ – live monthly sessions that are held on zoom at 8:00am on the last Friday of each month.

How long do I have access?

You can access the course for 90 days. You can also buy annual access by speaking to our team.

Can I extend my access?

You can ‘replay’ the course for an additional 90 days for £30 inc VAT per person.

Do you do whole school licenses?

In unusual circumstances we might be able to offer whole school or whole site licences. If this is of interest to you, please contact the team.

Will the course sell out?

Spaces on each course are limited and demand is often very high. It is advisable to book your spaces on the course as soon as you are able.

Can I bulk buy?

Of course. We can provide schools, trusts and authorities with regular statements and keep the credit of licences on account for up to 12 months.

What do you do with our data?

We use your email address to process your registration and store this safely on our secure crm system. All other data is encrypted and processed by the third party course provider, Podia.com. We do not store or process any of the details that are used for payment. All course payments are manage by our preferred payment provider, Stripe. 

I forgot my password. What should I do?

Please go here to reset your course password: https://pauldix.podia.com/forgot-password

Where can I buy the course?

You can purchase course licences here: https://whentheadultschange.com/shop-courses/

Where can I sign up to live sessions?

You can see any live sessions and their links within your course, under a section titled “Live Workshops”.

Supporting Behaviour Change Course

Who can use the course?

The supporting behaviour change course is for individuals that are experienced in relational practice. It is designed to support leaders or behaviour champions lead, manage and measure change. It is designed for senior leaders who have responsibility for behaviour. Individuals will have already read Paul’s core texts and completed the behaviour change online course. 

What is the content?

The online course includes 5 hours of self guided study and 4 live sessions with Hannah Hall. The course will help you develop your leadership style, support resistant adults and design policies and systems that support seismic shifts in behaviour.

The course sections are:

  • Hares, tortoises and milestones 
  • This is how we do it here: boundaries of practice 
  • Helping colleagues who are stuck 
  • Your policy threads, circles systems and processes 
  • Leading the change 
  • Working with parents 
  • Clearing the bindweed 
How many licenses do I need?

Unlike our behaviour change course, this course isn’t for everyone. It is specifically designed for people that are leading and supporting behaviour change and managing the transformation of processes, systems and culture. You are likely to only need a handful of licences per school. 

How long do I have access to the Supporting Behaviour Change Course?

You will have access to the supporting behaviour change course for 90 days. During this time you will be able to access all course materials and attend the live Behaviour Conversations with Paul. 

How is the supporting behaviour change course different to leadership coaching?

Leadership coaching is bespoke support delivered directly to leadership teams by our trainers. Although the supporting behaviour change course and our leadership coaching will often cover similar themes, the course offers a good understanding of principles and general advice that you will be able to apply to your setting. Our leadership coaching looks to develop bespoke implementation plans and work collaboratively with your teams as they lead change.

Can I extend my access?

You can ‘replay’ the course for an additional 90 days for £48 inc VAT per person.

Will the course sell out?

Spaces on each course are limited and demand is often very high. It is advisable to book your spaces on the course as soon as you are able.

Can I bulk buy?

Of course. We can provide schools, trusts and authorities with regular statements and keep the credit of licences on account for up to 12 months.

What do you do with our data?

We use your email address to process your registration and store this safely on our secure crm system. All other data is encrypted and processed by the third party course provider, Podia.com. We do not store or process any of the details that are used for payment. All course payments are manage by our preferred payment provider, Stripe. 

On-Site Training

Does INSET work on its own?

Not for long! Research tells us that it’s time to change our approach to training. Our other training solutions are far more effective at embedding knowledge and skills. Our online courses for all staff and leadership training for senior teams means you get consistent sustainable change drip fed over time. 

Can I book Paul?

Paul speaks at a limited number of large conferences where he can have most impact. The training team deliver all of the WTAC live training. Most of our training team have worked with us for over a decade and are all steeped in relational practice and expertise. They have walked the walk and Paul ensures trainers are well matched to the clients they serve. Each member of our small training team is insightful, engaging and impactful in their delivery style.

Can we book a trainer for INSET?

You can but we highly recommend that you accompany live training with our online course to ensure you take a sustainable approach.

How much is in person training?

Please email Jack at Hello@WhenTheAdultsChange.com and he will send you an up-to-date quotation.

Do you have alternatives to in person training?

Yes! We have a library of pre-recorded INSET sessions from Paul Dix, Tara Elie and Hannah Hall that you can play to your whole school staff. Annual access to the recordings library is £500. This is a useful alternative for introducing your adults to relational practice.

Do you do Twilight sessions?

We do offer Twilight sessions and trainers are happy to be on site for up to 3 hours. Our charge for Twilight sessions are the same as our charges for half day INSET training.

What do you cover?

We tailor our training sessions to your settings and circumstances. Generally speaking, our training sessions cover ‘what to say, what to do & how to be’. You will be able to speak to your trainer before your session to explain the themes or context you would like weaved into your session.

What are the outcomes of live training?

Delegates will leave training thinking about behaviour differently. They will have a good understanding of how to build emotional currency and use preventative teaching and learning to create a secure and regulated learning environment. They will have a combination of theoretical insight and practical ideas for implementation. However, without additional support or continued training, it is unlikely that INSET training will lead to sustainable change or long term improvements.

How should we support training?

Typically, long term change begins with our core texts and should be read by all staff. Hundreds of schools and colleges have also successfully used our Online course to create seismic shifts in school behaviour. The course allows for a slow and steady approach to practical skill development and have helped a variety of setting creating long lasting change.

For transformational change, it can also be useful to support your leadership team with our Supporting Behaviour Change course or SLT coaching sessions.

Do you work with parents?

Yes! You can now buy, ‘When the Parents Change, Everything Changes’ and find out more about our parent offering at WhenTheParentsChange.com

We are working with a number of schools that are engaging and supporting their wider community with a variety of support for families including books, courses and training sessions.


What is coaching?

Our coaching sessions combine advice, reflection, critical thought and practical support with implementation of change. We work with leadership teams online. Our coaching sessions are 90 minutes in duration. 

Who delivers the coaching sessions?

Coaching sessions are delivered by our training team. They are steeped in practical experience and have been supporting leadership teams to create sustainable improvements to learning environments for over a decade.

How are these sessions delivered?

Our coaching sessions are delivered online. It is best practice for each member of the leadership team to join the session on their own laptop.  A zoom link will be sent to whoever has booked the coaching session ahead of time.

What are the benefits of coaching?

Leadership coaching supports and enhances the management of change. It brings objective experience that better allows teams to evaluate, prioritise and plan improvements in behaviour. Coaching sessions are designed to help leadership teams lay strong foundations for whole school change and will ensure each step of the process is well considered, appropriately timed and executed expertly. 

How is coaching different to training?

Our coaching work is designed to develop policy, systems and processes. We support leadership by exploring how to engage, support and manage adults effectively. We work with you to decide on priorities, create implementation plans and preempt challenges that you are likely to face as you create seismic shifts in school behaviour. 

Who needs coaching?

If you are looking to make any significant changes to the culture of your school, coaching will help support your strategic planning and implementation. It will nurture your leaders so that they are relational experts and confident in managing change and challenges that come with that, effectively.

How many sessions will we need?

Schools usually need between 3 and 8 coaching sessions.

How many sessions will we need?

How often should we have coaching sessions?

Transformational Change

Do you work with schools/colleges on an ongoing basis?

Yes. Building long term relationships is important to us and is where we are able to see the most transformational change.

How do all the pieces fit together?

Everything starts with the books. Leadership coaching/training builds the capacity to lead sustainable change. We then continue to build the knowledge base with Online Courses and training events. We have helped thousands of schols/colleges upgrade their behaviour and we know that this approach delivers sustainable positive impact.

We are making significant change, how long will it take?

It will take 12-18 months to implement all the changes but change and success will be incremental over that period. Revolution often takes place in slow motion. It is vital that you give colleagues and learners time to change and develop new skills. Schools/colleges spend years developing, fine tuning and evolving relational practice but there are positive practical changes that can be made today.

Ofsted have been in and graded us as Inadequate/RI - can you help us?

Yes. It doesn’t matter where you start from or where you are. We can help. The stories from our Partner Schools show similar journeys. First stop is a conversation.

How do you work with Local Authorities and MATs?

We work with a number of Local Authorities, large Multi Academy Trusts and National Education Departments, and we work with each of them differently. If you are looking to transform your authority, support specific schools or develop the knowledge base of your outreach staff, we can help you. Everything begins with a conversation with our clinical director, Charlotte.


Do you offer a discount on bulk purchases of books?

The retail price of When the Adults Change is £17.50, but we offer more than a 28% discount on bulk orders of 10+ copies (we’re also cheaper than Amazon and the publisher!).

Do you deliver books internationally?

Yes. Free delivery only applies to UK deliveries. If you are based abroad, please get in touch and we’ll quote you for delivery.

When does When the Parents Change, Everything Changes release?

The new book comes out on 5th September. Bulk copies can be pre-ordered here and individual copies here. Orders will be shipped as soon as the book is released.

Partner Schools

How can I become a partner school?

You can get in touch with Fay to become a partner school.

What are the benefits in becoming a Partner School?
  • Our Partner Schools have opportunities to become involved with WTAC ideas and developments at an early stage.
  • They can use the Partner Schools logo on all communications and will receive a plaque to display in the school’s reception.
  • WTAC Partner Schools often tell the story of their own school to others so we provide slide templates for them to use to show their affiliation.
  • Partner Schools have priority booking for all WTAC events and will be invited to share their stories on WhenTheAdultsChange.com

Read more about Partner Schools here.

Where can I find out more about existing Partner Schools and their incredible relational practice?

You can read about our Partner Schools’ incredible stories here.

When is the next Partner School virtual event?

All our live events are here.

Positive Noticing Day

Where can I find out more information about Positive Noticing Day 2023?

Find out about Positive Noticing Day here.

How can I register my setting for Positive Noticing Day 2023?

Email Fay to sign up.