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When the Adults Change

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Change Course

Training with our Behaviour Change course will allow you to develop the skills you need for relational practice.

We will look at What to say, What to do & How to be and will leave you with immediately useful strategies for positive classroom management.

The course will help you feel confident about approaching early behaviours, low-level disruption, disengagement and internal truancy whilst ensuring you are well-equipped to support both divergent and distressed learners.

FE Behaviour

Change Course

Our FE Behaviour Change course develops skills and shares the practical tips you need for upgrading behaviour, developing your culture and improving outcomes for learners in your teaching environment.

In understanding What to say, What to do & How to be, we give confidence to college staff to ensure they are able to engage learners, upgrade behaviours and foster a sense of a consistently caring community on site.

Behaviour Change for Leaders Course

Our new Online Course Supporting Behaviour Change for Leaders is for anyone who is supporting colleagues in Paul’s approach.

The course focuses on the core components of change management from strategic planning through to practical implementation, system upgrades and internal communications.

We help you plan for the difficult days, offer support when behaviour is wobbly and offer reassurance and guidance when it is required. You will work closely with Paul, our associates and partner schools to ensure you can create and maintain seismic shifts in your setting.