When the Parents Change, Everything Changes

Developing Relational Homes

Embedding relational practice in your own home means your child has the best model for their behaviour, you. It also means consistency, tight boundaries, simple rules and more positive noticing than you can shake a stick at.

Our work is focused on children’s behaviour rather than general parenting advice. We will help you to stop shouting or bargaining with your child. We will help you make a plan that is healthy and shame-free. We will make it intuitive to love your child in a way they will love themselves.

Using Strong Foundations

Our approach is used in 100,000 classrooms worldwide. Alongside attainment our work is shown to support cognitive development, emotional health and well being, engagement, attendance, self efficacy and self regulation.

We know how positively children and young people respond to relational practice. We will show you how to start making change today and support you a you shift your own behaviour to shift theirs.

Paul Dix