At Dearney CE Primary they believe that education, strengthened by faith, is the vehicle with which children can achieve their full potential.  And aim to provide opportunities and experiences for everyone to learn and develop social, creative and academic skills within a motivating and stimulating environment.

Post-pandemic, with their behaviour policy due to be revised, staff recognized the inconsistencies and confusion baked into their school rules, the diminishing impact of traditional reward systems, and the importance of focusing on evidence-based relational approaches. And thus began their journey with When the Adults Change.  

The principle behind our behaviour system is that we want children to make positive behaviour choices because it is the right thing to do not because of the promise of a reward or the threat of a punishment..”

They implemented daily meets and greets, using recognition boards, sending postcards to homes, conducting Fabulous Fridays and having 3 school rules: ready, respectful, and safe. These values and rules are prominently displayed throughout the school, fostering a mutual understanding of how to “Behave the Deanery Way”.

Maintaining a calm and purposeful atmosphere, fostering healthy relationships, and ensuring consistency in the implementation of the behaviour policy are now all vital components of the school’s approach.

Though the journey toward this new approach has not been without its challenges  As a When the Adults Change partner school, Deanery C.E Primary School has persevered as staff members have embraced the change, recognizing its positive impact on student well-being and learning.