What was your school like before relational practice?

  • Children were on display in the hall during break times for not doing homework/getting planner signed – very little restorative work was being done with these children.
  • Overall there was a small amount of restorative work across the school unless a child had a specific behavioural need.
  • We needed to work on morning greetings, e.g. children were not greeting adults as they came into school at the school gates.

What triggered the change?

  • A member of staff read the WTAC book and shared it with staff and we were all sold.
    We are always looking at making all aspects of our school better
    We realised that our school rules were not consistent throughout school.

What were the expectations/hopes?

That our school becomes a more positive place for staff and children.

What happened – what have you done, how did it pan out?

  • Check-in club started – a club at break times where children who haven’t done homework etc are supported. Staff try to find out the reason why homework wasn’t done in a discreet and dignified manner and children go away with tips that will help them with their organisation etc.
  • We introduced RRS across the school and this was really taken on board by staff and children.
  • Hot Chocolate Friday to reward those children who are always trying to go above and beyond and staff.
  • Daily restorative work with high-profile children

What was easy, what was hard?

  • We shared why we were making the changes and what impact it has had in other schools and the need to come back to this regularly.
  • Drip feeding the approach helped and we continue to do so.

Where are you now?

  • We’ve introduced HCF for staff and children
  • RRS has been introduced and is being consistently applied throughout school.
  • We have ‘banned the booths’. Children complete missed homework or any restorative work away from the public eye and without being isolated.
  • Meet and greet has been introduced at the school gates and in the classrooms.
  • We are reviewing our behaviour policy

What advice would they give to others?

  • Persevere at first until all stakeholders see the bigger picture.
  • Expect resistance at first but don’t give up, the results will speak for themselves.
  • Introduce things slowly.

Any other comments:

We are excited about being on this journey and where it will take us.