Paul Dix’s Behaviour Change Online Course – Individual Licence


This is the essentials, stripped back, tried, tested, researched and up to date. Spilt into three easy sections. All killer no filler. No quizzes or tedious time wasting activities. 7 hours of learning time, a training day with Paul, everything you need to set yourself up for outstanding classroom management.


This is the best relational classroom management programme with Paul’s celebrated approach: inclusive, relational and highly practical.

Establish clear boundaries, your class your rules.
Manage tricky behaviours with a relational focus
Create a plan for every day and a plan for the difficult days
Engage in serious systems thinking
Know how to manage your own response
Develop teachable moments, even when behaviour is wobbly
See how behaviour communicates
Zoom out from your own lesson and give yourself time to rethink it all.

Each unit includes exclusive new videos from Paul and the When The Adults Change associates. There are audio clips, practical tasks, additional reading recommendations, a focus on systems thinking and ideas for discussions that explore the nuances of great relational practice.

£65 + VAT per licence

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