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When the Adults Change


When The Adults Change embeds the principles of relational practice into schools using coaching, training, keynotes, book clubs and individual study online. Our solutions are bespoke, personalised and extremely successful.

The solution to children’s behaviour lies within the behaviour of adults and when the adults put relationships at the heart of all they do in their classrooms, schools can change their cultures and transform their teaching practice.

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Paul Dix’s Behaviour CHANGE Online Course

A full training day with Paul, online and at your own pace. Join thousands of schools and teachers worldwide using Paul’s acclaimed approach.

Paul’s Behaviour CHANGE course is tried, tested, researched and bang up to date. Spilt into three easy sections: What to say, What to do and How to be it is all killer no filler. No quizzes, cod psychology tests or tedious time-wasting activities. This is the best relational classroom management programme using Paul’s celebrated approach:  inclusive, relational and highly practical.

This is a course for anyone working with children of all ages in any context. It is available worldwide on-demand and is discounted for teachers in training.
In 7 hours of learning Paul will show you how to:

– Radically improve the behaviour of your class

– Establish clear boundaries and hold them tight

– Respond skilfully that everyone gets their needs met

– Create a plan for everyday and a plan for the difficult days

– Manage tricky behaviours with a relational focus

– Be unshockable and manage your own response

– Engage in serious systems thinking so your class management is seamless

– Develop teachable moments, even when behaviour is wobbly

– Zoom out from your own teaching and give yourself time to rethink it all

Each unit includes exclusive new videos from Paul and the When The Adults Change associates. There are audio clips, practical tasks, additional reading recommendations, a focus on systems thinking and ideas for discussions that explore the nuances of great relational practice. This is everything you need to set yourself up for outstanding classroom management.


When the Adults Change, Everything Change has been an Amazon bestseller for almost 5 years. It has sold more than 120,000 copies.  It was Number 2 in the Best Education Reform Books of all time, a list compiled Book Authority, the largest book review site in the world and was a Silver Winner in the Indie Book Awards 2017.

In the follow-up book ‘After the Adults Change, Achievable Behavior Nirvana’ Paul explains how teachers and school leaders can move beyond the behaviour management revolution and build a school culture rooted in relational practice.

Many books like this leave you full of doubt and frustrated because you think, ‘Yeah but my students are really, really awful’. Not so with this book, it confronts head on every conceivable behavioural situation and prepares you to face it with confidence, dignity and a clear strategy for success. Has turned me into a teacher who enjoys their job, a teacher who has a plan. . . Thank you


Amazon Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 1 October 2017 



Every project is different and everything we do is bespoke. Whether you want to pick a package or take a step by step approach to your transformation, we will work with you to understand your objectives and structure a project that meets your needs.

Whether it’s super charging your book club, kickstarting your process of change or getting into the detail of both adult & child behaviour with your senior leaders, our team are available to help you.

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