When the Adults Change keen teachers
When the Adults Change Everything Changes
When the Adults Change keen teachers

this is how we do it here

We’ve helped thousands of schools all over the world upgrade their behaviour. We know not only what to do but how to do it. We are disciplined in the ‘How’ to ensure our clients maximise their impact. We are informed by research that training is more effective when combined with coaching, and that one-off training has little impact on the transfer of skills to practice (Kelly 2017, Moir 2018 and Fixsen et al 2005).

Everything starts with the books. Then leadership coaching/training builds the capacity to lead sustainable change. We continue to build the knowledge base with Online Courses and training events.  This is how we do it here. And it works.

When the Adults Change keen teachers

independent study

The books ‘When the Adults Change’ and ‘After the Adults Change’ are the foundations of our work. Studying these texts is essential and helps us understand where we are going and why.

Our highly practical Online Courses complement book study. The 7 hours of pre-recorded content is accessible for 3 months, giving staff time to practice, develop, and embed relational practice into their classrooms. The live and recorded workshops with Paul and the Training Team give you the refinements of intelligent practice. 

Leadership Coaching

For our work to have any significant impact, you must first make it your own. This isn’t achieved in long training sessions. It isn’t something that can be solved with a one-off INSET or off-the-shelf solution.

It requires a committed, aligned, and skilled senior team who are able to lead, to adapt, and to facilitate a change in adults. We help you achieve this in powerful and purposeful online coaching sessions. We combine our experience with your insights to develop and execute policies and practices that will have a long-lasting effect on your culture.

When the Adults Change keen teachers
When the Adults Change keen teachers

Building a Relational School

Once you are a school with strong relational foundations, skilled staff and an expert SLT, a number of things happen. You will be invited to join our Partner Schools program and you will be able to join our annual INSET programme. We help you train new staff and manage very specific bumps and bends in the road. Our behaviour health checks, policy reviews and our new Online Training for Supporting Behaviour Change are all designed to support you in sustaining change.

It All Starts with a Conversation


When the Adults Change keen teachers

Go Beyond the Gates

Every teacher knows that in order to do the very best for the children it is often necessary organise support for children beyond the school gates.

Children need to be surrounded by healthy relationships, fairness and a sense of belonging. By offering support to schools, parents and children’s services our aim is to keep children safe, supported and loved in all aspects of their lives.

We work with a huge range of organisations and people who share these values including health professionals, foster carers, parents, social workers, secure settings and education services.

We offer Parent workshops and professional training. You can pre-order Paul’s book ‘When the Parents Change Everything Changes’ and get on the first cohort of his new Online Course HERE.

When the Adults Change keen teachers